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I Rode Here

From Kentucky



Adventure Cyclist




Risk Taker

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I don’t know what I’m looking for, but I know it’s worth looking for

I’m not sure where i’m going, but i’m not staying still

The future’s uncertain, but it’s still gonna happen

Nothing else matters but the top of the hill

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No Reservations

No Expectations

It's a very primal and primitive lifestyle; there's no time to think about anything else. Spend all morning doing the tedious time consuming morning routines; breaking down & packing up camp, preparing to depart for the next destination, researching your route. Eating, stretching, rechecking gear, making sure you're equipped with food & water. If not figure out where the next access to resources is; push on until you reach more fuel. Regroup. You spend all day excerpting yourself physically, and all evening exhausting yourself mentally. Everything else, all that trivial bullshit, none of that exists. Wake up, explore, experience, live. Figure out something to eat. Figure out where you think you're going. Keep fluids in your body and bottles. Make sure you're bike and your body are working properly. Try and keep your stuff organized. Keep eating. Figure out where you're gonna sleep. Try and keep your body & clothes clean & dry. make sure you're set up before the storm hits. Make sure your things are secure. Eat, drink, try and relax. Be weary of predators, be prepared and equipped to deal with them. try to mentally unwind and physically decompress. Attempt to document the day. Wake. Repeat."

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“Where Is Drew?”

I’m living in the moment.

I’m saying YES. I’m taking risks.

Most importantly I’m ATTEMPTING to live without regret.

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If Anthony Bourdain & Hunter S Thompson took a bike tour this would be it. Documenting street art, hiding marbles, floating in sensory deprivation tanks, finding synchronicities and making ‪a great big world‬ seem like a very small place. From the wonders and the beautify of the natural landscapes to the niche hole in wall corners of regional subcultures. I’m documenting the entire process on my Instagram to inspire others to travel by Bicycle embrace your vulnerability, don’t let fear hold you back from chasing your dreams and live without regret. Restoring my faith in humanity and living to tell the tale of the great American bike ride, one day, one mile, & one human interaction at a time.


Marble Making & Hiding

I am a glassblower with a focus on marble making and shooting my work in nature. Places that really leave a mark on me I will hide a marble and post clues to the hunt on WorldsBiggestMarbleHunt.Com for you to go find.

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