I Have No Dietary Restrictions So I literally Will Eat Anything & Everything I Can Find.

Here IS What I Mainly Eat Though

-Peanutbutter Bagels

-Tuna Tortillas



-Rice & Beans



-Sunflower Seeds



-Instant Potatoes

-Instant Noodles




-You Name It I Eat It.

I Try To Shop At 99Cent Only Stores, Dollar General, Or Grocery Outlet.

I obviously eat out, out of convenience frequently, but I try my very best to be frugal about it. food is the biggest chunk of my budget & by far my greatest travel expense. I have cut cut back on my gas station cliff bars & red bulls. I like to indulge in the occasional coffeeshop/pastry from time to time and a good brewery/pub grub is often quite rewarding after a long day in the saddle but, I try my best to eat food prepared by hosts as often as possible. I probably don’t get enough fruits & vegetables in my diet, to be quite honest I eat a lot of junk food but with that being said I have figured out how to execute my nutrition for constant sustained efforts on the bike fairly well after all of this experience. I tend to try and buy generic but for the sake of hopeful sponsorships I’m tagging the name brands here.