Where Are You Coming From?
— Louisville, Kentucky

Where Are You Going?
— not quite sure yet, still tyring to figure that one out...

Why Are You Doing This?
— why not? why aren't you? everybody dies, but not everybody lives

What Do You Eat?
— whatever i can get my hands on, if it's free that's even better

Where Do You Sleep?
— wherever i can find a place... i dunno, your couch?

You’re All By Yourself?
— i prefer to travel alone. i can move as fast or as slow as i want on my own pace

Do You Have A Gun?
— no, but i am equipped and prepared to defend myself should such an occasion arise

How Long Have You Been On The Road?
— i left home May 30th 2017
How Much Does That Thing Weigh?
— somewhere between ~110-120lbs depending on how much food, water, & cold weather gear I'm carrying
How Many Miles Have You Gone?
— over 30,000 since i started cycling a few years ago, ive been on the road for over 10,000 miles since i last left home
Where Have You Been So Far?
— ive been through 27/50 states as well as canada & mexico. you can see a detailed intractive map of everywhere i've ever ridden on strava
How Miles Do You Usually Do In A Day?
— that answer depends on a lot of factors, weather, terrain, scenery, mood, rest, etc... it really varies, ive done as many as 165 or as few as 5 (I try to shoot for somehwere between 60-80)
What Are You Into?
— adventure, scenery, music, arts, culture, history, local food, a good drink, stories worth hearing, & stories worth telling
Whats Up With The Marbles?
— i dunno, there's just somthing about em that's always intrigued me. geocatching + art collecting... everybody loves a good adventure
Any Favorite Places?
— black hills, Glacier, yellowstone, tetons, cascades, san juan islands, BC, the entire pacific coast, San Fransisco, Big Sur, the baja, ensenda, valley de guadalupe, Ocean beach san diego, Chicago, milwaukee, boston, nyc, philly, dc, gap, c&o, sparta-elroy mickelson trail, seattle, portland, astoria, redwoods, (mainly cities, parks, & trails in no particular order)