"I'm Leaving Monday" Sticker

"I'm Leaving Monday" Sticker

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For When You Really Just Aren’t Ready To Pack Up & Go But You Lie To Yourself Anyways.

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A statement born in the Mission District of San Francisco California that has sense come to symbolize the concept of a lifestyle (not limited to bicycle touring or nomadic open ended travel but to encompass the lie that you tell yourself when you’re just not ready to leave somewhere). This is a statement I have said in cities I have fallen in love with throughout the course of the last year of my bicycle tour.

These cities/places include (in order)

San Francisco CA, Los Angeles CA, Ensenada BC MEX, Rosarito BC MEX, Tijuana BC MEX, San Diego CA, Phoenix AZ, Tucson AZ, Bisbee AZ, The Chirachua Mountains AZ, El Paso TX, (SO FAR) & Im Sure Many More Yet To Come.